List of publication (2019)

1. Phaijit, S., Suklueng, M., Marthosa, S., Niyomwas, S., Voo, NY. And Kumar, A. 2019. A novel micro-solid oxide fuel cell (mu-SOFC) for detecting methane content in biogas. Bulletin of Materials Science. 42(3); Article Number: UNSP 129.

2. Maknakorn, W., Jutaporn, P. and Khongnakorn, W. 2019. Coagulation and adsorption as pretreatments of thin-film composite-forward osmosis (TFC-FO) for ink printing wastewater treatment. Water Science and Technology. 79(5); 877-887.

3. Marthosa, S., Youravong, W., Kongmanklang, C. and Khongnakorn, W. 2019. Applications and characterization of silicalite-1/polydimethylsiloxane composite membranes for the pervaporation of a model solution and fermentation broth. Journal of Polymer Engineering. 39(2); 152-160.

4. Kaew-on, C., Chittrakarn, T., Ruangdit. S., Yuenyao, C. and Tirawanichakul, Y. 2019. Modification of Asymmetric Polysulfone Membrane Surfaces using Mixed Ar/O2 Plasma Technique. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology. 16(6); 423-431.