Publication of Wirach Taweepreda

List of publication (2013-Present)

1. Sundarajan, S., Sabilon, Y.S., Arthanareeswaran, G. and Taweepreda, W. 2021. Investigation of intrinsic bisphenol separation capacity of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 based membranes. Desalination and Water Treatment. 228; 198-207.

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3. Ali, Q., Taweepreda, W. and Techato, K. 2020. Preparation and characterization of polymer electrolyte membrane from chloroacetate chitosan/chitosan blended with epoxidized natural rubber. Polymer Testing. 82; Article number 106294.

4. Taweepreda, W. and Wichianchom, A. 2014. Fabrication and characterization of epoxidized natural rubber-chitosan membrane. Advanced Materials Research. 844; 205-208.

5. Phatcharasit, K., Taweepreda, W., Boonkerd, K., and Kim, J.-K. 2014. Electrospun epoxidized natural rubber with poly(vinyl chloride) (ENR-PVC) nanofibrous for PEMFC applications. Advanced Materials Research. 844; 507-510.

6. Phatcharasit, K., Taweepreda, W., Boonkerd, K. and Kim, J.K. 2013. Preparation and properties of electrospun PVC nanofiber. Advanced Materials Research. 770; 193-196.