Publication of Suksawat Sirijarukul

List of publication (2013-Present)

1. Kaew-On, C., Sooksom, A., Kaew-On, S., Ruangdit, S., Sirijarukul, S. and Chittrakarn, T. 2021. Modifying surface properties of polysulfone membrane with plasma from closed and opened plasma generators. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1719(1); Article number 012112.

2. Ruangdit, S., Sirijarukul, S., Chittrakarn, T. and Kaew-On, C. 2021. Enhancing hydrophilicity of polysulfone membrane surface by UV irradiation of different wavelengths and by PEG grafting. Jurnal Teknologi. 83(4); 111-117.

3. Chittrakarn, T., Tirawanichakul, Y., Sirijarukul, S. and Yuenyao, C. 2016. Plasma induced graft polymerization of hydrophilic monomers on polysulfone gas separation membrane surfaces. Surface & Coatings Technology. 296; 157-163.

4. Konruang, S., Chittrakarn, T., Sirijarukul, S. 2014. Surface modification of asymmetric polysulfone membrane by UV irradiation. Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering). 70(2); 55-60.